Virtual Machine Meetup

Call for Participation at the VMM2017

The 4th Virtual Machine Meetup (VMM '17) is a venue for discussing the latest research and developments in the area of managed language execution. It will be held September 28-29 at the School of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic and is co-located with the Managed Languages & Runtimes Conference 2017. We welcome presentations of new research results, experience reports, as well as position statements that can lead to interesting discussions.

Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, September 28 Friday, September 29
09:30 ManLang 2017
Collection Builders and Quantifiers vs Streams
M. Wiedeking
Making Built-in Collections in Dynamic Languages Thread-Safe and Efficient
B. Daloze
Code Duplication in the Graal Compiler
D. Leopoldseder
Coffee Break
11:10 ManLang 2017
Towards Support for Heterogeneous Architectures on Managed Runtime Systems
A. Nisbet
An Analysis of Inline Assembly in C Projects
M. Rigger
Lunch Break
14:30 How we made 64-bit integers fast in Scala.js
S. Doeraene
Shenandoah Garbage Collector
A. Shipilev
15:10 Practical dynamic information flow control for client-side web applications
A. L. Scull Pupo
Pause-Less GC for Improving Java Responsiveness
C. Gracie
Coffee Break
16:10 Towards a Component-Based Distributed Unikernel System
W. Jaradat
Write-Rationing Garbage Collection for Hybrid Memories
S. Akram
16:50 GraalVM Overview
T. Wuerthinger
JVMs on hyperscale machines: ACTiCLOUD's vision
F. Zakkak
17:15 JIT Compilation heuristics and parallelism exploitation for Sulong
S. Gaikwad

Participation is free of charge! To participate, please register. There are limited participant slots due to the constraints of the room, so please register early, and by September 19th the latest.

If you would like to give a presentation, please submit a presentation abstract (a title with max. 100 characters and an abstract with max. 400 words) to We may ask for additional information from you before making the program decision. Presentation slots are either 30 minutes (long) or 15 minutes (short) including Q/A.

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